Since elected in 2008, Megan Leslie has demonstrated her effectiveness, locally and nationally. She has an active and creative approach to representing the Halifax community. In Parliament, she is the deputy leader of the Official Opposition. The Hill Times named her one of the most influential people in government and politics. 

Megan has been the NDP’s environment critic since 2011. She has pushed for real action on climate change and the creation of future-oriented green jobs. She was also instrumental in gaining cross-party support for designating Nova Scotia’s Sable Island as a National Park Reserve and banning microbeads from cosmetic products, which are harmful to our oceans and health.

Her first critic portfolio was Housing and Homelessness where she fought to create a National Housing Strategy. Megan was named “Best Rookie” by all MPs in her first year. She was then appointed the NDP’s Health Critic, where Megan launched a national campaign to make prescription medications affordable.

Megan stands up for Halifax. She supported Halifax’s bid to win the shipbuilding contract, took on the federal government to ensure Halifax is paid money owed for Citadel Hill, and is fighting to save the Sambro Island Lighthouse.

Megan also acts as a civic entrepreneur by publishing a comprehensive listing of community events, organizing networking and social media training initiatives for local businesses, and holding information sessions on issues such as federal jobs, taxes, and Canada Post. She started hosting local art openings in her riding office, a practice now replicated by other MPs.

Megan Leslie is an MP that you can be proud of. You know she will be there to help and that she is an effective national voice.